The following topics are covered




    • How to prepare for the D paper


    • Time management


    • Styles and detail of answering





    • Reading and analyzing the question


    • Sufficient legal basis


    • When is something relevant or not relevant



DII specific


    • Analyzing the client’s letter


    • Organizing the information using tools such as a timeline


    • Dealing with recurring problems such as public disclosure dates, invalid priorities, “first application”, insufficiency of disclosure, non-prejudicial disclosures, entitlement


    • Advising the client and improving his position


    • Recognizing  threats from the competitor





    • A book with sheets on DI and DII Methodology, D Methodology tools and templates


    • Materials for use at the EQE, including methodology flowcharts for DI and DII


    • Checklists and examples of phrasing


    • DeltaPatents’ own model solutions for the DI and DII papers practiced during the course



Course fee


    • 1-day Paper D Crash Methodology online: € 335


    • 1-day Paper D Crash Methodology onsite in the Netherlands: € 345


    • 1-day Paper D Crash Methodology onsite in Europe: € 395





If you register for the 3-day Paper D Methodology course as well as the 2-day Paper D Guided Exam and/or the 4-day Paper D Guided Trial Run course, you will receive a discount of € 200 for each extra course (on the course fee of the Guided Exam and/or the Guided Trial Run course). This offer only applies to courses taken in the same EQE year.


Registration fee and VAT information


    • An administrative fee of € 125 is charged for every booking. If more than one course is booked at the same time, only one administrative fee will be charged


    • All fees are excluding 21% VAT