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European Patent
Administration Certification (EPAC)

​We offer a course covering the EPAC syllabus for candidates that plan to sit EPAC 2023. DeltaPatents has been offering a similar course to candidates preparing for the national formalities exam in the Netherlands, which also covers the EPC and PCT with essentially the same scope, for many years already. We were therefore able to already provide a course to prepare for EPAC 2022, which has now been adapted for EPAC 2023 using the teachings of our EPAC 2022 course and the EPAC 2022 examination. The course is designed for and directed to paralegals, patent administrators and formalities officers, with at least a couple of years of experience.


Training for EPAC

The EPAC Training course consists of a series of 14 half-day online sessions, with interactive presentations and homework by which candidates can further develop their knowledge, understanding and skill. Candidates will need to have sufficient time available to make the homework to benefit optimally from the course. By providing the sessions already in April 2024, participants will have sufficient time to prepare for the exam. By using half-day sessions, the amount of new information per session is kept at a manageable level. By using an online format, participants can take part from all over Europe – or even outside. 

Start date
14 Days
Online training

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Who is DeltaPatents?

We have more than 20 years of experience in EQE training. This provides a solid basis for our extensive range of IP courses. Our training courses focus on giving insight and understanding, and ensuring that the acquired knowledge can be practically applied.

At DeltaPatents we thoroughly train and guide our tutors. For our tutors, training is a more than a profession; it is mastered by teamwork. As our tutors spend most of their time preparing and giving courses, they are very experienced and knowledgeable. We take feedback of attendants seriously and act on it. For us, quality and customer satisfaction are essential.

Meet the tutors

Diane TweedlieDiane Tweedlie is a tutor for the Pre-Exam, Main Exam Paper D and IP Administrators’ courses. She is a European Patent Attorney in the field of Mechanical Engineering.



Jelle HoekstraJelle Hoekstra is a tutor for the Pre-Exam, all Main Exam Papers and IP Administrators’ courses. He is a European Patent Attorney. Jelle is author of the book “Methodology for Paper C” and of the book “References to the European Patent Convention” (www.hoekstradoc.nl).


Tanja la Cour HoekstraTanja la Cour is a tutor for the Main Exam Paper C and IP Administrators’ courses. She is a European Patent Attorney in the field of Life Science and Biotechnology.

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