EQE Training in the Netherlands

Integrated EQE training (the Netherlands)

For candidates within easy travelling distance of the Dutch region, we offer a full 2-year integrated training program, covering the Pre-Exam and the Main Exam. See also our detailed brochure below.

1st year: Pre-Exam training

The Pre-Exam comprises legal (D) and claim analysis (A/B) elements. The Pre-Exam Training for candidates in the Dutch region is integrated in one module “Pre-Exam Integrated Training“. Here we combine legal lectures with practice, from day 1.

Pre-Exam Integrated – Orde

This course aims at providing a basic level of knowledge of the EPC and PCT to candidates with a general knowledge of IPR. This course covers the legal and claim analysis topics needed for the Pre-Exam. We will give a complete legal overview, using our unique flow-charts. After each session the knowledge just learned will be tested by practicing questions, cases and exams questions. Furthermore, we will show candidates how to answer the questions in multiple-choice format. In between the sessions candidates are expected to study and to do homework (questions and cases). By the end of the course the candidates will be ready for the Pre-Exam.

2nd year: Main Exam training

These modules fully prepare the (Dutch) candidates for all papers of the EQE 2023.

Main Exam D-Legal – Orde

The course aims at augmenting and deepening the knowledge acquired during the Basic (Pre-Exam) Legal Training to a level required for the C & D parts of the EQE Main Exam. Legal lectures will cover legal changes in the EPC & PCT since the Pre-Exam, the more advanced legal subjects such as entitlement, enforcement, and petition for review. The Ancillary Regulations will be covered, as well as a specially selected subset of case law. Major part of this course is practicing DI questions.

Main Exam Paper D – Orde

This course is especially for candidates, having acquired sufficient knowledge in the Pre-Examination modules and the D-Legal Main-EQE module. The candidates will be trained on focusing to use the knowledge in an efficient way in order to pass the exam. Particular emphasis is given to the D-II part of the exam (Legal Opinion based on a client’s letter).

Main Exam Paper C – Orde

This course aims to give the candidates an insight into how to scrutinize an opposition paper of the European Qualifying Examination. By the end of the course the candidates will have learnt how to analyse a client’s letter and efficiently extract and administrate information in the patent in suit and in the prior art. Candidates will be able to identify the important attacks and execute those attacks in a structured manner with the aim of scoring a sufficient number of marks in the available time. Time management is an integral part of the course.

Main Exam Paper AB – Orde

In this course candidates will learn how to sit Paper A and Paper B. For Paper A, candidates will have learnt how to analyse the clients letter and prior art and how to define novel, inventive and clear claims which provide the client with maximum protection in the context of paper A. Candidates will be able to identify important hints in the papers leading to the intended solution, and will be able to draft claims and an introductory description in a structured manner for paper A.

For Paper B, candidates will have learnt how to analyse the prior art, client’s letter, the application as filed and the communication to define novel, inventive and clear claims which provide the client with maximum protection. Candidates will be able to amend the claims, and to answer the communication.

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