EQE Paper A courses

Paper A

This paper is part of the main-exam and tests the candidate’s ability to draft claims and the introductory part of a European patent application.

Paper A Methodology

The 2-day course aims to give candidates an insight into how to handle paper A (drafting) of the European Qualifying Examination (EQE). By the end of the course the candidates will have learnt how to analyse the clients letter and prior art and how to define novel, inventive and clear claims which provide the client with maximum protection in the context of paper A. Candidates will be able to identify important hints in the papers leading to the intended solution, and will be able to draft claims and an introductory description in a structured manner for paper A. Where relevant, we will use WISEflow, giving candidates the opportunity to get familiar with the system used during the e-EQE.

Start date
2 Days
Online training
2 Days
Online training
2 Days
2 Days
Mock exam Paper A

Practice a few weeks before the real exam in order to adjust your method, on papers as close as possible to the final exam. Get an evaluation on your level for each paper, thanks to a personalized marking of each paper, comments and advices from the tutor, in particular on the methodology used and the structure of your answer.

Based on the outcome, make final adjustments to your methodology before the exam.

Please note that we will use WISEflow for this course.


Start date
1 Day
Online training
Refresher Paper A

The course aims to allow candidates to practice for Paper A in a very time-efficient manner. About 3-5 older A Papers (of 2016 or earlier) have been transformed into smaller cases, each addressing one or more issues specific to the new-style Paper A (e.g., claim categories, essential features, interpreting prior art). Candidates are required to have completed the cases at home before the start of the course. A time investment of 3/4 – 1 day of preparation is expected. During the online session the cases will be discussed one by one. Candidates will obtain a marking sheet for each case and will be provided with sufficient time to mark their own solution. Finally, a detailed model solution will be furnished for each case. Additionally, do's and don'ts for successfully passing Paper A will be discussed, and time will be reserved for candidates to ask general questions about how to tackle Paper A.

“This course gives me a structured method to topics that many people think could not be solved with a method. This is a very good reason to attend this course.”

Who is DeltaPatents?

We have more than 20 years of experience in EQE training. This provides a solid basis for our extensive range of IP courses. Our training courses focus on giving insight and understanding, and ensuring that the acquired knowledge can be practically applied.

At DeltaPatents we thoroughly train and guide our tutors. For our tutors, training is a more than a profession; it is mastered by teamwork. As our tutors spend most of their time preparing and giving courses, they are very experienced and knowledgeable. We take feedback of attendants seriously and act on it. For us, quality and customer satisfaction are essential.

Meet the tutors

Jessica Kroeze is a tutor for the Main Exam Paper A and B courses. She is a European Patent Attorney in the field of Physical-Organic Chemistry.



Meilof Veeningen

Meilof Veeningen is a tutor for the Main Exam Papers A and B. He is a European Patent Attorney in the field of Computer Science.



Nico CordesNico Cordes is a tutor for the Pre-Exam and Main Exam Paper A, B and C courses, also in German language. He is a European Patent Attorney in the field of Electrical Engineering.


Jelle HoekstraJelle Hoekstra is a tutor for the Pre-Exam, all Main Exam Papers and IP Administrators’ courses. He is a European Patent Attorney. Jelle is author of the book “Methodology for Paper C” and of the book “References to the European Patent Convention” (www.hoekstradoc.nl).

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