Other courses on Intellectual Property

Other courses on Intellectual Property

DeltaPatents also offers various courses on Intellectual Property. Courses for qualified European Patent Attorneys, who wish to deepen their knowledge, for IP Lawyers, who would like to learn more on the patent part of their profession, and for people, new to the field of patents (starters, research scientists, development engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, project leaders, group leaders, IP coordinators and R&D managers).

Please note that not all courses may be currently scheduled. If you are interested in following a course which is currently not scheduled, please contact us.

Overview of patents

This course is aimed at people working in an environment where Intellectual Property is part of their work, inventive people and people who work with inventive people. They can profit from having a basic knowledge of intellectual property. The course is particularly useful for those who are directly or indirectly involved in innovation, such as research scientists, development engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, project leaders, group leaders, CTOs, and IP coordinators. Participants working in the technical-commercial field, such as product managers and product marketeers may benefit from this course as well. Furthermore, the course may be beneficial for trainee patent attorneys who recently started their traineeship, desiring to quickly establish a basic competence in intellectual property. No prior knowledge about IP is required.

Claim Drafting

This course provides a working knowledge of patentability in Europe, in particular novelty of different forms of claims and the problem-solution approach (inventive step). Participants get a better understanding of the claim drafting process such that they can better work together with the patent attorney and they can better review his work.

Computer Implemented Inventions

This course is aimed to provide participants with the information they need to successfully draft and prosecute software-related patent applications before the EPO and the USPTO or to successfully outsource software-related inventions.

The course is aimed at beginning as well as experienced patent attorneys.

In-house training

All courses can also be given in-house. If required, a module can be tailored to your local organisational needs. Please contact us if you are interested in inviting us to your office.


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