Our patent services

Technical expertise

DeltaPatents offers a complete range of intellectual property services. All of our patent professionals have extensive industrial experience at companies, such as Philips, NXP Semiconductors, Danisco/DuPont and SKF, where patents are an integral part of the business. In addition, we have the required technical background and understanding to handle even the most complex inventions in the fields of electronics, software and algorithms.

Software and AI

Software and AI are being deployed in more and more technical and commercial domains. It is therefore of particular importance to be able to protect such inventions. Our experts have deep knowledge in these fields and can help you get broad patent protection in a cost-effective way.

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Electronics and mechanics

Our experts have the required technical background and understanding to handle even the most complex inventions in the fields of electronics, applied physics, and mechanical engineering.

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Life sciences

Inventions in this area are often the result of heavy investment in time and money rendering patent protection highly valuable. For start-ups, the seeking of patent protection and the assessment of freedom to operate is also a pre-requisite for funding. Our expert in this field has a good understanding not only of the technical and legal aspects but also of the business considerations and IP strategy.

Tailored to your business

We tailor our IP services to the wishes of our clients, whether you’re a startup with a great idea or a multinational with an existing IP-portfolio.


For startup companies comprehensive patent coverage is highly relevant, if not critical, to financial and market success, and to obtaining venture-backed funding. It is therefore important for startups to gain understandings of why and how patent protection might be relevant to their business success. We can guide you through these complex processes.


In today’s economy, small-medium sized businesses are often confronted with “me-too” copies of their own innovations, or they may be hindered in creating business in view of third party patents. These are significant challenges, especially because most small-medium sized businesses do not have in-house patent experts. We can provide the necessary expertise.

Large business

There are various reasons why large businesses out-source patent work. Work-load is an important factor, but others include specific knowledge and experience. It is paramount that large businesses can rely on high quality of the outsourced work, and timely and cost-effective execution. We’re there to help.

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