The following topics are covered

  • Main legal background for paper B: problem-solution approach, added subject-matter tests
  • Dealing with the client’s letter and proposed claims
  • Finding the desired claims
  • Drafting the response to the EPO for paper B, focussing on arguing the basis for the amended claims and inventive step
  • Practicing mock exams and cases
  • Practice the B 2017 exam paper


  • A book with sheets on the B Methodology
  • Cases and exam paper – with DeltaPatents' model answers
  • Materials for use at the EQE 
  • Where relevant, we will use WISEflow, giving you the opportunity to get familiar with the system used during the e-EQE

Course fee

  • 2-day Paper B Methodology online: € 1.055
  • 2-day Paper B Methodology onsite in Europe: € 1.260


If you also register for the Paper A Methodology course, the fees are as follows:

  • 4-day Paper A&B Methodology online: € 1.820
  • 4-day Paper A&B Methodology onsite in Europe: € 2.155

Registration fee and VAT information

  • An administrative fee of € 125 is charged for every booking. If more than one course is booked at the same time, only one administrative fee will be charged
  • All fees are excluding 21% VAT