The following topics are covered


EPC Procedural


    • Pre-examination details


    • How to answer legal questions


    • Introduction to EPC


    • Time periods, remedies, payment of fees


    • Right to file, filing, filing date, filing formalities


    • Search opinion, publication


    • Examination, amendments


    • Opposition, appeal


    • Rights conferred by patent, revocation


    • Representation and other common provisions





    • Questions on EPC subjects



PCT Procedural


    • Introduction to PCT


    • Time periods, remedies


    • Right to file, filing, filing date, filing formalities


    • International search, Supplementary international search


    • International publication, International preliminary examination


    • National phase, Euro-PCT





    • Questions on PCT subjects



EPC Substantive – claim analysis


    • Claim interpretation,


    • Patentability, industrial application


    • State of the art, novelty, inventive step


    • Unity, disclosure


    • Priority





    • Questions on EPC subjects





    • 4 books with presentations on EPC procedural, PCT procedural and EPC substantive


    • Full set of flowcharts


    • L-book, P-book and Reference book



Course fee


    • Pre-Exam Distance Learning online: € 1.850



Registration fee and VAT information


    • An administrative fee of € 125 is charged for every booking. If more than one course is booked at the same time, only one administrative fee will be charged


    • All fees are excluding 21% VAT