Course content


    • This course is based on mock exams made-up by our tutor Grégory BAQUE, who has been a DeltaPatents tutor to the French-speaking candidates for 7 years. These mock exams focus on recent changes in the exam itself, in the law, and on recurring aspects of the EQE, which could be part of the final exam.


    • Candidates will practice an exam paper in real-time conditions. This mock-exam is set-up exactly as the final exam, except for the Wiseflow environment which is not used. The structure and timing of each paper is the same as for the final exam, so that candidates can practice in almost real conditions.


    • At the end of each mock exam, the tutor will provide his answers in a group session, and answer any question candidates may have about the paper.


    • Documents will be sent electronically just before the mock exam, with printable parts indicated. At the end of each exam, candidates will send back their answer by email (WORD format, or Google form for the pre-exam).


    • After a few days, the tutor will send back the papers with a grade, as well as individualized comments (except for pre-exam where an auto-correction is possible).





Candidates will receive the papers (printable and non-printable parts) by email, as well as a model solution after each mock exam.


Course fee


    • 1-day Pre-Exam Mock Exam online: € 500



Registration fee and VAT information


    • An administrative fee of € 125 is charged for every booking. If more than one course is booked at the same time, only one administrative fee will be charged


    • All fees are excluding 21% VAT