For a thorough understanding of the introduction to the Foundation Paper as part of the New EQE, including its relationship with the current/old EQE format, please consult "Navigating the EQE format changes" overview prepared by epi. To access regulations and notices pertaining to the EQE, please visit the official website of EPO.


Brochure & Schedule

A detailed brochure of our Foundation Distance Learning course is available here.

A provisional schedule of this course is available here.


The following topics are covered

EPC Procedural

  • Foundation paper details and overview of the New EQE
  • How to answer legal questions
  • Introduction to EPC
  • Time periods, remedies, payment of fees
  • Right to file, filing, filing date, filing formalities
  • Search opinion, publication
  • Examination, amendments
  • Opposition, appeal
  • Rights conferred by patent, revocation
  • Representation and other common provisions


  • Questions on EPC subjects

PCT Procedural

  • Introduction to PCT
  • Time periods, remedies
  • Right to file, filing, filing date, filing formalities
  • International search, Supplementary international search
  • International publication, International preliminary examination
  • National phase, Euro-PCT


  • Questions on PCT subjects

EPC Substantive – claim analysis

  • Claim interpretation,
  • Patentability, industrial application
  • State of the art, novelty, inventive step
  • Unity, disclosure
  • Amendments


  • Questions on EPC subjects


  • 4 books with presentations on EPC procedural, PCT procedural and EPC substantive
  • Full set of flowcharts
  • L-book and EPC Reference book
  • Discount on the Topic-Related Index book and PCT Cross-Referenced book

Course fee

  • Foundation Distance Learning online (EQE 2025): € 1.890

Registration fee and VAT information

  • An administrative fee of € 125 is charged for every booking. If more than one course is booked at the same time, only one administrative fee will be charged
  • All fees are excluding 21% VAT